Texas Joins Call for Convention of States to Rein In Washington

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The Republican-controlled Texas Legislature passed a Convention of States Resolution, becoming the eleventh. Article V of the U.S. Constitution allows for a Convention of States to restrict the power of the federal government.

Texas State Representative Rick Miller (R-Sugar Land), one of the authors of the measure, told Breitbart Texas there were 12 other states in the country waiting to see what Texas was going to do. He says North Carolina is poised to be the next state to pass a resolution.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott tweeted after the House vote, “BOOM. Texas has now passed a Convention of States Resolution. Thank you Texas House for today’s vote. @COSProject #txlege”

Rep. Miller told Breitbart Texas:

“This passage of SJR 2 (HJR 39) culminated over three years of hard work by 125 thousand Texas patriots. I am honored to have carried the House version. This passed resolution now puts Texas on the list of states approving this Article V effort to reign in the federal government. As the framers of the Constitution envisioned, the time is now to send this message to Congress. Many other states have been waiting on Texas to take the lead in getting this passed. It is a great day for Texas, for Texans, and for the United States of America.”

The Texas Senate passed the Senate Joint Resolution on February 28.

After amendment by Miller on Thursday, the resolution of the Texas House and Senate are now identical.

The resolution will be given to the Texas Secretary of State for forwarding to President Trump and both chambers of Congress. Although the Governor’s signature is not required, a simulated signing is anticipated next week.

Governor Abbott released a statement saying:

Today marks an important step toward restraining a runaway federal government and returning power back to the states and their respective citizens as our Founders intended. The Texas Legislature has heard and responded to the voices of those they represent, and I applaud the efforts of the Texas House to pass this important resolution. A call for a Convention of States reinforces Texas’ status as a champion of limited government and individual freedom, and I want to thank Reps. Rick Miller, Phil King, Drew Darby, Andy Murr, Chris Paddie, Larry Gonzales and Ken King for their work and commitment in passing this resolution.

Passing a resolution for a Convention of States was one of Governor Abbott’s emergency legislative priorities. During his State of the State address in January, Governor Abbott declared legislation supporting an Article V Convention of States to be an emergency item for the session. He told legislators and those gathered for his address, “For decades, the federal government has grown out of control. It has increasingly abandoned the Constitution, stiff-armed the states and ignored its citizens.”

Tamara Colbert, one of the co-directors for the Convention of States Project told Breitbart Texas:

“The passing of the Convention of States resolution, SJR2 is a testament to the power of American citizens armed with the Constitution and a determination. That if we stand together–We can restore the Constitution and state sovereignty. Thank you Governor Greg Abbott and Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick for your support and believing that our states are best when the power rests with the people. Passing the COS Resolution is a great day for Texas, as we became the eleventh state to pass.”

Wes Whisenhunt, of Temple, Texas, said, “It is appropriate that we passed the resolution on the National Day of prayer.”

The grassroots activists expressed their great pleasure after the vote in seeing their hard work come to fruition:

Breitbart Texas reported in January 2016 that Abbott asked Texas to join other states in calling for an Article V Convention. The governor released a 100-page “Texas Plan” which he said “fixes this government run amok” and “returns lawmaking to the process enshrined in the Constitution.” His step-by-step roadmap sets out how “We the People” can go about adding new amendments to the U.S. Constitution. Abbott’s “Texas Plan” proposes adding nine amendments to the Constitution.

When he announced his support for Convention of States legislation during his speech early last year, Abbott said, “Our government was founded on the rule of law rather the caprice of man. That rule of law flows from our Constitution.” He charged, “That Constitutional foundations is now so often ignored that the founders would hardly recognize it.” “Until we fix that foundation by restoring the rule of law all the repairs we seek through the policies you propose will never lead to lasting solutions.” At that time he called the U.S. Supreme Court a co-conspirator in abandoning the Constitution.

Abbott’s plan addresses the concern of preventing a “runaway convention” by setting an agenda in advance. His solution to prevent that problem is detailed in the plan.

It takes two-thirds of the states to call a Convention of the States, and it requires 38 states to pass the measure.

Lana Shadwick is a writer and legal analyst for Breitbart Texas. She has served as a prosecutor and associate judge in Texas. Follow her on Twitter @LanaShadwick2.


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