Feds Indict 24 MS-13 Members for Murder, Money Laundering

File/U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement

A federal grand jury in Maryland returned felony indictments against 24 members of the MS-13 transnational criminal gang. The MS-13 members are charged with allegedly murdering five people, conspiring to murder eight people, kidnappings, extortion, and drug trafficking.

“MS-13 is one of the most violent and ruthless gangs on the streets today,” U.S. Attorney Robert K. Hur said in a statement obtained by Breitbart Texas. “Working with our state and local partners, and using the tools of our Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Forces, we are determined to dismantle this organization to make our communities in Maryland safer.”

The six-count indictment states the MS-13 members engaged in racketeering activities between 2015 and 2017. Those activities allegedly include murder, conspiracy to commit murder, kidnapping, extortion, money laundering, and drug trafficking, according to Department of Justice officials.

The 24 MS-13 gang members are accused of killing five people in Frederick, Anne Arundel, and Montgomery Counties, Maryland. Three of those people were allegedly dismembered, the indictment stated. The group also allegedly attempted to murder eight additional people. At least one of those people were reported to have been assaulted with a machete.

Other assaults allegedly include the shooting of one person in the head. Others were kidnapped and at least one was threatened with a gun to his head during an alleged extortion demand, prosecutors stated.

The indicted MS-13 gang members include:

  • Jorge Raul Guerra Castillo, aka “Pelon,”36;
  • Carlos Hernandez Diaz, aka “Positivo,” 25;
  • Milton Portillo Rodriguez, aka “Little Gangster,” and “Seco,” 23;
  • Juan Carlos Sandoval Rodriguez, aka “Picaro,” 19;MS-13
  • Francisco Ramirez Pena, aka “Tepo,” and “Advertencia,” 24;
  • Jose Alberto Sibrian Garcia, aka “Chango,” 26;
  • Darwin Arias Mejia, aka “City,” and “City Boy,” 25;
  • Miguel Lopez Abrego, aka “Timido,” 30;
  • Albaro Rosa Moreno, aka “Slow,” 23;
  • Ervin Arrue Figureoa, aka “Tricky,” 19;
  • Ronald Mendez Sosa, 20;
  • Edwin Ruiz Urrutia, aka “Sylvestre,” 19:
  • Brenda Argueta Arguete, aka “Prima,” 19;
  • Carlos Ventura Morales, aka “Pantaya,” 30; and
  • Danny Hernandez Solorzano, aka “Titre,” 20.

The identity of six additional conspirators remain sealed, prosecutors stated.

Prosecutors stated that all but one of the indicted individuals are members or associates of the Fulton Locotes Salvatrucha Fulton clique of MS-13. Defendant Rosa Moreno is reported to be a member of the Parkview Locos Salvatrucha clique.

“This indictment is a direct result of the hard work and dedication shared by state, local and federal authorities in their efforts to combat violent gangs in our Maryland communities,”  Special Agent in Charge Gordon B. Johnson, of the FBI’s Baltimore Division said in a written statement. “We are committed to combating this epidemic of violence that often takes young lives and creates fear in our communities. The FBI and our partners will aggressively pursue gangs wherever they surface and are steadfast to making Maryland a safe place for our citizens.”

Acting Assistant Attorney General John P. Cochran emphasized the level of savagery associated with membership in MS-13. “MS-13 is ravaging communities throughout the United States with brutal violence, recruiting children to their murderous ranks, destroying families, and leaving behind countless victims,” Cronan said. “This indictment — which charges two dozen alleged MS-13 members with senseless acts of violence.”

He said the indictment is indicative of the Department of Justice’s commitment to combating violent gangs that prey on communities like those in Maryland, and across the country.

This indictment follows six others earlier this year, Breitbart Texas reported. The indictments included six counts of murder, conspiracy, and racketeering.

In December, Breitbart Texas reported how MS-13 is terrorizing the immigrant community in Washington, D.C. suburbs located seven miles from the White House. A mother of five repeated the story of her first MS-13 encounter. Bautista described the fear she felt as she pushed her cart along the roadway and three young men walked up to her. She said one of the men asked her, “Do you know who we are?”

One of her sons was eventually murdered by the gang members.

Another example of the brutality of MS-13 was revealed when a known MS-13 gang leader ordered the beating of a 15-year-old girl with a baseball bat after forcing her into prostitution.

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