Mothers Group Finds 20 Bodies in Mexican Cartel Killing Field

Buscadoras Sonora
Twitter Madres Buscadoras de Sonora

Women searching for the remains of their loved ones announced the discovery of at least 20 bodies in a cartel killing field in northern Mexico. The activists are calling on Mexico City to help validate the identities of the victims. This group often receives threats from criminal organizations.

Known as the Madres Buscadoras de Sonora (Searching Mothers from Sonora), the group’s members have lost loved ones by cartels and are trying to find answers as to their fates. In many cases, the victims had no connection with organized crime but were taken by mistake, as part of ransoms, or for sex trafficking.

This week, the group announced on social media they searched in a rural area known as Miguel Aleman de Hermosillo in Sonora. During their search, the group found seven mass graves with five full bodies and the charred remains of several others. The group believes that more than 20 were buried at the site.

The initial post from that location indicated 13 bodies, however, the group now believes that more than 20 are in the area and possibly more graves can still be found.

During their search, the group posted a photograph of a set of car keys with a shoe-shaped key chain. The post invites people to send tips if anyone recognized it.

The organization is made up of volunteers and claims to not receive any type of government help. In a separate post, the group asked for donations of water, electrolytes, and sleeping bags.

Similar groups have since popped up in other parts of Mexico. Despite government statistics regarding the number of suspected forced disappearances, a true number is difficult to determine due to a concerted effort by officials at all levels to suppress crime statistics for political gain.

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