Migrant Surge Grows to 11K Apprehensions/Got-Aways Per Day for Last 3 Days, Says Border Chief

A group of Venezuelan migrants receive food and assistance from a local church in downtown Brownsville, Texas, on May 6, 2023. - Migrants crossed the Rio Grande and surrendered to Customs and Border Patrol agents a few days ago. Then they were taken to a detention center and released on …
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U.S. Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz tweeted on Monday that 26,382 migrants crossed the border between ports of entry during the past three days. An additional 7,399 crossed and managed to avoid apprehension.

Chief Ortiz’s tweet reports that approximately 11,260 migrants are known to have crossed the border per day during the past 72 hours. Of those, agents took 26,382 into custody (8,794 per day) while another 7,399 (2,466 per day) are classified as known got-aways.

Over the weekend, the chief tweeted a seven-day report showing the apprehension of 54,951 migrants (7,850 per day) and 18,698 got-aways (2,671 per day). This averages just over 10,521 known border crossers per day.

On May 1, just one week ago, Ortiz tweeted that agents apprehended 22,220 migrants during the previous 72 hours. This equates to 3,174 apprehensions per day. He did not show the number of got-aways in this report.

During the past ten days, the number of migrant apprehensions per day increased by nearly 177 percent from  3,174 per day to 8,794 per day.

These numbers do not include migrants who crossed but who were not detected or apprehended by Border Patrol.

The number of migrant crossings per day continues to rise as the end of Title 42 nears. In response to the surge, Texas Governor Greg Abbott ordered the deployment of a 545-soldier Tactical Border Force to supplement the approximately 10,000 Texas Nation Guard soldiers and airmen already deployed under Operation Lone Star, Breitbart Texas reported.

“Biden sent 1,500 troops to the border to do paperwork,” the governor tweeted. “I deployed elite trained soldiers to defend Texas.”

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