CA Rights Group Condemns 'Nazi-Like' Murders of Christians

CA Rights Group Condemns 'Nazi-Like' Murders of Christians

The Simon Wiesenthal Center in Los Angeles has condemned Sunday’s bloody murder of 48 Christians by the  Islamist terror group al-Shabaab in the Kenyan village of Mpeketoni, calling the killings “Nazi-like.”

Militant members of the jihadi al-Shabaab group spent hours storming through homes, hotels, bars, and a screening of a World Cup match in Mpeketoni killing non-Muslims. In several of the cases, families were involved and Christian, non-Swahili speaking households had to watch as their fathers and husbands were murdered by the extremists before their very eyes.  

“It is time the clergy becomes the voice of condemnation of Nazi-like tactics increasingly being employed against innocent civilians across the continent,” said Rabbi Cooper, who is Associate Dean of the Wiesenthal Center. “From Boko Haram in Nigeria to al-Shabaab in Kenya, the world is increasingly witnessing brutal tactics, which the World War II Nazis called seleczia as they selected innocent Jews to perish in gas chambers,” he said. “Once again, we see the growing trend of innocent men, women and children being singled out by murderous terrorists because of their faith.”

Rabbi Cooper is in South Africa meeting with the country’s Chief Rabbi, Dr. Warren Goldstein, who has called on “African religious leaders who share common values of the sanctity of human life and dignity to rally together in the face of such evil.” 

The men will hold an interfaith meeting on Wednesday in Johannesburg to address the ongoing brutal persecution of people of faith on the African continent, according to the release.

Photo: Feisal Omar/Reuters