ISIS Refugees Come to Sacramento

ISIS Refugees Come to Sacramento

A Sacramento church hosted an early Thanksgiving dinner for dozens of refugees who fled Iraq from fear of ISIS. One refugee, Bassil Mahid, said he is still afraid. He told a local news reporter, “[It’s] very hard to live.”  

Commenting on the freedom he and his family now experience daily, another refugee said, “I wish my people can see this, can feel this: the idea of freedom…One of the most beautiful things to us actually is to go outside the apartment and walk outside in the streets peacefully.” 

Local CBS News affiliate channel 13 Sin acramento reports that Dr. Bryce Jessup, president of William Jessup University, which joined others in hosting the dinner, said, “It reminds them of the fact we are very blessed here in America.” 

The UN reported in September that 10,644 Iraqi refugees had fled Iraq into Jordan in 2014. In October, the UN reported that 1.8 million people in Iraq were in a “deadly, life-threatening situation.”

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