Skinned Wild Boars Left Outside Vegetarian Restaurants in Berkeley

Wild Boar in Berkeley (Anna Abramson via Twitter)
Anna Abramson via Twitter

The skinned, bloody carcass of a dead wild boar was left in plain sight of two vegetarian restaurants in Berkeley, California on Monday, raising questions as to whether they were left there intentionally and in an attempt to send a threatening message.

The discoveries were made on Shattuck Avenue and Adeline Street in front of two separate vegetarian restaurants, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. The first discovery was made around 9:30 a.m. near the restaurant Herbivore. But when Berkeley police arrived, the boar’s dead body was nowhere to be found.

Several hours later, another boar carcass was discovered at the intersection of Adeline and Emerson Streets near another vegetarian restaurant named Flaco’s. The wild boar’s remains were reportedly collected and turned over to the city’s animal control center, the Chronicle notes.

Police did not state if any motive was attached to the findings and speculation has risen as to whether it was the same carcass in both sightings, since it had been removed from the first location. The Berkeley Police Department are said to be looking for the possible suspects.

Photo: Anna Abramson/Twitter

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