High School to Lock Out Student With Blue Hair

Blue hair (Mike Coppola / Getty)
Mike Coppola / Getty

A California high school student is being told she will be placed into all-day detention if she does not change her blue hair color to a natural color, as is required and listed in the school district’s code of conduct.

The school’s code of conduct states: “Hair which causes undue attention is not acceptable. I.e. unusual designs, colors other than natural hair tones.”

“I feel like it’s ridiculous that I would be separated for the color of my hair,” Cayley Elswick told the local CBS News affiliate in Sacramento. She said she considers herself to be a good student who is respectful to her teachers and that the only problem is her hair color.

Administrators have warned that they will send her into all-day detention if she doesn’t change the color of her hair, which would reportedly place her in a room that is “isolated from other kids” to complete her work there.

Caley has circulated a petition to change the district’s code of conduct rules.

Her mother Chris told CBS: “We’re trying so hard to build some self-esteem in our kids especially our girls these days and when you tell them they don’t look right? They should be normal? What kind of example is that setting,” Chris said.

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