El Nino: ‘Godzilla’ of Storms Predicted to Wreak Havoc on California, Destroy Homes

Godzilla AFP:Getty

This El Nino story first appeared in the Los Angeles Times:

A “Godzilla” El Niño is on the way, and Los Angeles city leaders are warning residents to be prepared.

After years of drought, storms this winter could bring heavy rains, floods and mudslides. To prepare for the emergencies that will probably accompany those disasters, Mayor Eric Garcetti signed an executive directive to create an El Niño Task Force made up of 13 city departments that together will focus on short-term and long-term preparations.

“The city must be ready for the immediate effects and the subsequent aftermath that come with heavy rainfall,” Garcetti said at a Friday news conference. “The actions we take to prepare for any and all of these impacts have the potential to directly affect our livelihoods and indeed ensure the survival of our city.”

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