Purple ‘Smurf’ Kitten Rescued from Abuse

Smurf kitten (Nine Lives Foundation / Facebook)
Nine Lives Foundation / Facebook

A purple kitten named “Smurf” was rescued from apparently being used as a dog chew toy. It was ultimately delivered to a shelter in Redwood City, California, where the emaciated animal is recovering.

At 1 pound 10 ounces and 8 weeks old, the battered kitten suffers from being dyed purple, along with about 20 wounds according to Fox L.A. He was anonymously rescued and delivered to a local shelter where he received the name Smurf.

Monica Ruddier of the Nine Lives Foundation shelter told reporters, “I’ve seen a lot of animals used as bait for other animals, it looks to me like he was used as a chew toy.”

The tiny injured kitty faces surgery next week to attend to the worst wound, while other spots are healing with time. The report indicates that there is no known suspect in Smurf’s abuse. Playful and on the mend, he is expected to be up for adoption soon.

Video of the precious kitten and a worker at the Nine Lives Foundation shows the little one basking in the attention of the worker. ABC 7 posted the video. The kitten shows a playful side playing with the woman’s hand. “That’s all he wants, he just wants to be pet and touched,” she says.

Nine Lives Foundation posted online along with a video:

SMURF update! Today SMURF was playing with his 2 new friends, feeling so much better! Thank you to everyone who has called & visited ! This little guy will undergo surgery next week to repair the large wound on his right leg/ knee but all the other wounds are healing nicely! His little friend CHERRY shown on his left, takes good care of him! They will be going into foster care next week together!

Nine Lives has posted several photos of the little one online showing him interacting with other cats and and being treated: “Receiving his full body shave to remove matted fur and to expose multiple bite wounds & lacerations.”

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