Teen Murders Boyfriend, Confesses on Facebook

Crime Scene line
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Authorities in San Bernardino are on the hunt for an18-year-old woman who allegedly stabbed her 21-year-old boyfriend to death after an argument, and then posted about committing the crime on Facebook.

“I gt [sic] the knife and stabbed him ddnt [sic] I would hurt him BT I did he died and I’m on the run…” Nakasia James wrote in a post on Monday that has since been deleted from Facebook, according to the Los Angeles Times. She reportedly ended the post expressing regret.

Local ABC News affiliate KABC said James wrote the following to family and friends: “Last night, my ex was drunk … was fighting me… hit me in the face… and I get the knife and stabbed him. Didn’t think I would hurt him. Sorry, lord, hopefully you forgive me, and sorry, Dorian Powell. RIP.”

Police say the stabbing was reported at 2:30 a.m. on Monday in the 2000 block of North Central Avenue. James’s family is saying she acted out of self defense. Her mother reportedly said she has pictures of her daughter’s bruised face. By the time police arrived, Powell was reportedly dead.

Apartment manager Melissa De Los Santos told KABC that it was James’ brother who witnessed the stabbing. “He goes, ‘all she did was stab him one time in the chest, and he was gone. Just like that, he was gone.”

Anyone who has information about James’s whereabouts is asked to contact the San Bernardino police.

In March of last year, a father in Canada admitted on Facebook to killing his wife, daughter and sister before taking his own life.

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