Donald Trump Will Speak to CA Republicans at State GOP Convention

Trump Speech APSteven Senne
AP/Steven Senne

GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump accepted an invitation to deliver the keynote address to kick off the California Republican Party convention on Friday, April 29 in San Francisco.

Trump’s appearance means all three Republican candidates will address California Republicans at the state convention. California will send 172 delegates to the Republican National convention in Cleveland. Republicans in the Golden State will vote in the June 7 closed presidential primary.

“California, like much of the rest of the nation, has struggled to regain its full economic success,” said Mr. Trump upon announcement of his plan to speak at the convention. “A Trump Administration is going to be a pro-jobs, pro-economy, and pro-entrepreneur administration. I look forward to being with the great people of California and sharing my vision to Make America Great Again.”

The news comes after Trump chose not to show up for the Colorado Republican convention, where 13 of the state’s delegates were selected. Trump’s closest competitor, Sen. Ted Cruz, did speak at the April 9 convention. Cruz swept all of the 13 delegates that day and all 30 pledged delegates for the state. Another four are expected to support Cruz.

California Republican Party Vice Chair Harmeet K. Dhillon said:

This is the most exciting Republican Presidential primary California has seen in generations, and we are happy that our delegates – the grassroots leaders of our party – will have the chance to hear from all of our candidates at our convention, starting off with Donald Trump at our Friday Convention kickoff lunch. This nomination may be decided in California, and what better place for party leaders to hear first-hand the different visions for the future of America, than at our party convention.

“We are very excited to have Donald Trump kicking off our weekend convention,” said California Republican Party Chairman Jim Brulte. “Mr. Trump’s success and experience as an American businessman is a result of his tenacity and unique ability to make any endeavor a triumph. He has built an empire from the ground up, and we are excited to hear his plan to make America great again, starting right here in California.”

Republican presidential candidates Sen. Ted Cruz and Ohio Gov. John Kasich will also deliver speeches at the California GOP convention. Cruz will speak during a Saturday lunch and Kasich will address convention attendees during a Friday evening dinner.

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