Ann Coulter Causes Mass Hysteria 'The View'

Ann Coulter Causes Mass Hysteria 'The View'

COULTER: And that’s what we are told and The Democratic segregationist were all Democrats, it’s a lie that they were Conservative democrats

GOLDBERG: Everyone was a segregationist darling , everybody was! White people were, they didn’t matter whether they were Republican or not.

COULTER: Republicans were not…

GOLDBERG: Bull**it! Bull**t, I’m sorry! That’s bull, that’s bull

COULTER: No, no that is not… ok just read chapter 14 in the book, the first Republicans to be elected in the south

GOLDBERG: I listen to my grandmother, who was there! Who remembers what happened.

COULTER: Howard Baker, an aggressive integrationist, first Republican elected in Tennessee to the Senate, Winthrop Rockefeller, first republican governor in Arkansas, an integrationist. The Southern Strategy is a lie.

BEHAR: It seems to me that voter suppression is happening in areas where black people and hispanics are and it is really being promoted by the Republicans, not the Democrats. So, my view and I have a different one from you, it looks as though the Republicans are really going against blacks, not the Liberals. What do you say to that?

COULTER: It’s a perfect example, no i’ll explain why, of liberals using the label of civil rights to promote a liberal cause they support, ie voter fraud, in fact one of the first states in the union to pass voter ID bill was Rhode Island, 85 percent democrat legislature. And who pushed it? A black Democrat in the house, a black Democrat in the senate. That’s a fact!