Couric Likens Big Food to 'Big Tobacco'; Downplays Michelle Obama's 'Let's Move' Effort

Couric Likens Big Food to 'Big Tobacco'; Downplays Michelle Obama's 'Let's Move' Effort

In an appearance on “CNN Tonight” on Wednesday former CBS “Evening News” anchor, outgoing daytime show anchor and Yahoo News host Katie Couric joined Dr. Mark Hyman to promote their upcoming film attacking the food industry, “Fed Up.”

In the two segments with host Bill Weir, Couric and Hyman argued that levels of sugar in food were related to the so-called obesity epidemic in the United States. And according to Couric the food industry is employing tactics that big tobacco had employed when it was denying the health hazards of cigarette smoking.

“I think one of the most effective parts of the film is really showing how in many ways the food industry is mimicking the techniques that big tobacco took even though we knew cigarette smoking was very hazardous to your health,” Couric argued. “They’re denying that it could be harmful. They’re saying sugar-sweetened beverages should be part of your daily consumption of calories. Again, a calorie is a calorie and as long as you exercise and make up for it in other areas, it’s perfectly fine when we know it really can be quite damaging to your health.”

But later in her appearance, Couric was also critical of first lady Michelle Obama’s pro-exercise effort “Let’s Move.” According to Couric, exercise alone is not enough to over obesity.

“No, it’s not,” Couric said. “But I mean, I also don’t want to say this is not an anti-exercise film. You know, I think everyone acknowledges the importance of exercise to your overall health. I think all we’re contending is that it’s not — you’re not going to be able to exercise yourselves out of the obesity epidemic in this country and for that matter around the world.”