Bill Maher Hits the Liberal 'Multicultural' Defense of Islam and Muslim Behavior

Bill Maher Hits the Liberal 'Multicultural' Defense of Islam and Muslim Behavior

On his Friday program, left-leaning “Real Time” host and outspoken critic of religion Bill Maher reacted to the actions Boko Haram and the kidnapping Nigeria schoolgirls and how those actions were motivated by Islam.

Maher cited several examples of double standards of the left’s view toward the Islamic world, one of which included the view of Muslims in Egypt towards abandoning Islam as evidence to back his claim.

“[Islamic extremists] draw support from the general population,” Maher said. “There was a Pew poll of Egypt, which is a leading Muslim country — maybe the leading Muslim country. It’s something like 80 or 90 percent believe that death is the proper punishment for leaving the religion. We have a sister on at the beginning of the show. If 84 percent of Brazilians thought that death was the proper penalty for leaving Catholicism wouldn’t that be a bigger story?”

Maher’s two liberal guests, Arianna Huffington and Baratunde Thurston, begged to differ with Maher’s dispositions toward the so-called “religion of peace.”

Maher also cited the plight of Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a Somali immigrant who underwent genital mutilation as child and has also been an outspoken critic of the Islam. Ali had been set to receive an honorary degree Brandeis University but had that honor revoked because of that outspokenness.

Thurston took on Ali’s case and argued her rhetoric had been over the top, which Maher disagreed.

Partial transcript as follows:

THURSTON: The more specific challenge with her is she has gone very out far with criticism of Islam, even farther than you, Bill.

MAHER: Well, she had a bad experience.

THURSTON: She had a very bad experience. I had a bad experience with the Metro. I don’t say all public transportation should —

MAHER: If they cut off your nuts when you were 5, you probably would too.

Watch (Part 2):

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