Carson: US Abandoning 'Little Brother' Israel

Carson: US Abandoning 'Little Brother' Israel

Pediatric neurosurgeon and author of “One Nation: What We Can All Do to Save America’s Future” Ben Carson accused U.S. officials of abandoning Israel in the midst of a hostile environment in the Middle East.

“America has always been like Israel’s big brother going through a tough neighborhood. Now, if you abandon your little brother in that tough neighborhood, he’s going to get picked on a lot. So you see an escalation of things happening in that region. I think we need to establish a strong and confident Israel who knows that we have their back and I think you’d see a lot of these other things stopping,” he said on the Monday’s broadcast of “The Kelly File” on the Fox News Channel.

Carson also criticized attempts to hamstring Israel’s attempts at self-defense, saying, “If someone were lobbing missiles to our American cities across the southern border, northern border, anywhere, we would be outraged and we wouldn’t be all that careful about how we sought revenge. We would be stopping it by whatever means were necessary to do that. Here we have a situation, not only, missiles coming in, but tunnels being dug so people can be abducted, so that terrorist attacks can be carried on.” 

And, “I actually don’t know why we continue, in this day and age, to try to kill each other, and then we have rules about who you can kill and who you can’t kill. If you’re going to have rules of war, why not make a rule that says no war? That would seem to solve the whole problem.”

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