Mo Brooks to WSJ: 'Deportation Caucus' Is a Compliment

Mo Brooks to WSJ: 'Deportation Caucus' Is a Compliment

Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) embraced The Wall Street Journal’s description of opponents of the Granger immigration bill as the “Deportation Caucus.” On Monday’s “Laura Ingraham Show” Brooks said “throw me in that briar patch … we believe in the rule of law” in response to an editorial in The Wall Street Journal criticizing members of the Republican Party for opposing the Granger border proposal.  

And “it wasn’t blame to [Sen.] Jeff Sessions (R-AL), it was credit to Jeff Sessions [for killing the Granger bill.]”

Brooks declared that on immigration enforcement, “The people get it, Washington does not.”  

“The Wall Street Journal just needs to get their head screwed on right on this one,” he added. “They need to be Americans, they need to be patriots. And they need to think about America first, and they need to think about American families first. But that seems to be the furthest thought from their mind.”

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