Dan Sullivan: Dems 'Stuck in the Last Century'

Dan Sullivan: Dems 'Stuck in the Last Century'

Former Alaska Attorney General and Republican Senate Candidate Dan Sullivan argued that the Democratic Party is “stuck in the last century” in the Republican Party’s weekly address on Saturday. 

Sullivan outlined how federal government policies have prevented economic growth in Alaska, and added “This problem isn’t specific to Alaska. It’s actually nationwide, and it’s being quarterbacked by President Barack Obama and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. The Obama-Reid agenda has locked up America’s natural resources, burdened small businesses throughout the country with an avalanche of regulations and suffocated job growth through a complete disrespect for the rule of law.”

“All we need is new leadership in Washington to make it [economic growth] happen once again. A Republican Senate would approve Keystone XL pipeline jobs, because Canada is our neighbor and ally. We’ll authorize more offshore development, because it’s good for coastal states and the rest of the country. We’ll seize the opportunity to expand our energy trade, because that will benefit our nation, and others who need energy, like Ukraine … Right now we’re stuck in the last century and the old system is needlessly stifling us,” he concluded.

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