Chris Matthews: Obama Has Gotten 'Lazy'

Chris Matthews: Obama Has Gotten 'Lazy'

MSNBC’s “Hardball” anchor Chris Matthews declared that President Obama had become a “custodian of bad news” and appeared to argue the president had started becoming “lazy” in his second term on Wednesday. 

“Let’s get tough here. Is this the problem of a second term that presidents get lazy, intellectually lazy, and kinda cut off from the country, and they start picking deputies for jobs instead of looking for the best people? The lazy thing to do is, somebody leaves, you promote their deputy. This is, I think, a big part of the endemic problem of second terms.  They don’t get out and mix with people, new people, new hotshots to fill these jobs. They just keep promoting the person whose sorta turn it is and they’re not as good as the person they picked the first time,” he said in a discussion of the failures of the Secret Service. 

Matthews added that Obama had become almost a “custodian of bad news, rather than hope.”

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