Buchanan: Gov't Thinking 'Globally,' Not 'Patriotically' on Ebola

Buchanan: Gov't Thinking 'Globally,' Not 'Patriotically' on Ebola

Columnist Pat Buchanan argued that a refusal to prevent flights from Ebola-ravaged countries from entering the US was an indication that American leaders were “ceasing to think patriotically and they’re thinking globally” on Monday’s “Laura Ingraham Show.”  

“[To not] protect the country against a disease, which clearly is approaching pandemic status in Liberia and two other countries, Sierra Leone and Guinea, and not to put the American people first, I think it is an absurdity and it reflects a mindset of people in government which is informed by ideology rather than the interests of the country” he said. And “the problem is with the American elites…the business of government, is really, the first business is to protect the security of the people.”

He further stated that “open-borders fanaticism” was also to blame for the lack of flight restrictions, and expressed concern that “I don’t see that happening [concern for public safety] with this Ebola thing [where] people are flying back and forth to Liberia where this thing is becoming a pandemic, so I just don’t see this emphasis on the security of the people and the security of the country that we used to have.”

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