Hillary: Ebola 'Is Not Going to Stay Confined'

Hillary: Ebola 'Is Not Going to Stay Confined'

In a speech given to the University of Nevada at Las Vegas Foundation in Las Vegas, NV on Monday night, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, a potential 2015 Democratic presidential candidate weighed in on the threat of Ebola spreading throughout the world. According to Clinton, the threat will not stay confined.

“Ebola, as we’re seeing very painfully, is not going to stay confined unless we put in a lot more resources to try to begin to tailor down the epidemic and contain it and end it the way we have previously by putting in a lot of resources,” Clinton said. “So, it’s not either or. We can’t say we’re not going to be involved because these things are somebody else’s problems because in the world of inter-dependence that we currently live in, a lot of those problems end up eventually on our doorstep.”

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