Levin to Shep Smith: 'We Don't Need Lectures'

Levin to Shep Smith: 'We Don't Need Lectures'

Talk radio host and author of “The Liberty Amendments,” Mark Levin, criticized Fox News anchor Shepard Smith for his statement that members of the media were overplaying the threat of Ebola in the US to drive ratings on Thursday.

Levin argued that the reaction Ebola was not hysteria, but rather healthy skepticism of the government, saying “I don’t see hysteria and panic, I see people who are fed up with incompetence and ideologically-driven decision-making by a massive federal government with a massive federal bureaucracy that spends us into the crapper.”

He declared, “we want to know why our little children have to go to schools where other children are and we don’t know if they have diseases or not,” “we want to know who’s coming into our country through our borders,” “we want to know why the hell this bloated, insatiable, incompetent federal Leviathan won’t stop flights from countries that have people who are deathly ill” before sarcastically remarking “wow, how hysterical, how panicky we are.”

“We take an incredible amount of crap from this government, an incredible amount of crap from these politicians, and now crap from phony hosts who sit there and lecture us” he said.  Adding, “are we not allowed to observe this, comment on it, talk about it?”  He then stated “we don’t need lectures from the media about how we’re supposed to behave.  Who the hell do they think they are?”

Levin also argued that he doesn’t worry about his ratings as much as Fox News does, and accused Smith of hypocrisy for his coverage of Hurricane Katrina.

He concluded by declaring that he would put his credentials up against “anybody in talk radio, anybody in television,” although he said that such a declaration was not him trying to argue he was smarter than other hosts, but rather a refutation to media elitism.

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