Ben Stein: Klain 'The Ferris Bueller of Czars'

Ben Stein: Klain 'The Ferris Bueller of Czars'

Author, economist, and actor Ben Stein proclaimed new Ebola czar Ron Klain “the Ferris Bueller of czars” on Wednesday’s “Your World with Neil Cavuto” on the Fox News Channel.

“He is the Ferris Bueller of czars. You call ‘Klain, Klain,’ he doesn’t show up. He doesn’t have a Wikipedia page, he doesn’t have any medical training whatsoever he’s a political hack, a guy used to put out fires” Stein declared.

Stein later toned down his claims about Klain saying, “I’m sure he’s a fine and incredibly wonderful person, and I would have been happy to have him at my son’s bar mitzvah, but he does not strike me as a person to be handling this kind of crisis. Has he ever handled a crisis of anything like this?”

He concluded that “Mr. Obama essentially as of today, with that blabbering, blubbering press conference [that] told us everything we already knew, has made himself czar, and of course, he thinks of himself as czar of all the Americas anyway.”  And “what if after the bombing of Pearl Harbor President Roosevelt appointed a World War II czar [with] no military experience? We would have thought that was pretty damn stupid.”

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