Pence to Congress: Block Obama on Coal and Immigration

Pence to Congress: Block Obama on Coal and Immigration

Former Congressman and current Governor Mike Pence (R-IN) urged members of the Congress to use the power of the purse to stop the president from acting unilaterally on the issues of environmental regulations and immigration on Thursday’s “Laura Ingraham Show.”

“The power of the Congress is the power of the purse…whether it be blocking any executive amnesty, whether it be blocking the EPA’s efforts to continue to wage the war on coal, and President Obama announced a new chapter in the war on coal in his so-called deal with China yesterday, whether it’s defunding Obamacare…I certainly will be encouraging members of Congress from Indiana and beyond, use the power that the Congress has, which is the power of the purse, particularly in those areas where the president is threatening to use executive action” he said.

Pence further railed against the president’s new deal with China on carbon emissions, declaring “it is just astounding to me, the efforts of this administration, to use executive authority through the EPA.  And I’m going to be calling on members of Congress to restrain that.”

He concluded by arguing that Congress should pass several individual appropriations bills rather than a single continuing resolution or omnibus spending bill and calling on individual voters to “come alongside their member of Congress and tell them ‘get back to the regular, orderly business of the Congress, do those appropriations bills so that we can have up or down votes on EPA, [and] up or down votes on border security.’”

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