Rush: ‘What Kind of Orders’ Send Cops on ‘Poor Guy’ Selling Cigs?

Rush: ‘What Kind of Orders’ Send Cops on ‘Poor Guy’ Selling Cigs?

Talk radio host Rush Limbaugh blasted the death of Eric Garner as “out of proportion,” ripped New York City officials for killing someone “over a tax collection issue,” and wondered “what kind of orders” would send police after a “poor guy trying to eke out a living” on Thursday.

“They mandate, they call the Police Commissioner and they tell him ‘you get your members of the force locked and loaded on this. I want people arrested, I want examples made, I want to get these black market cigarettes off the street, I want to get them out of town and anybody selling them I want dealt with.’ And so the cops hit the streets with their marching orders” he stated. 

Limbaugh argued that there was no reason for the amount of force used against Garner, saying “with everything else that’s involved here, whatever else happened here, we have a guy who died over a tax collection issue, but nobody will say that out loud. We have a poor guy who died because of a tax collection issue.” And “this poor guy trying to eke out a living…did you see the number of cops that descended on this guy, about 5 or 6 cops on a guy selling loosies, on a guy selling cigarettes. What kind of orders must these cops be under?” He later added, “it is so out of proportion.”

Limbaugh then turned to New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio (D) saying “the mayor de Blasio, has just ordered police to crack down on illegal cigarettes a few weeks before the Garner incident, he did that. [The New York Daily News reported that the order came from high-ranking officials within the NYPD].”

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