Ramos: ‘Pressure from Journalists’ May Have Changed Obama on Exec Amnesty

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Univision and Fusion anchor Jorge Ramos argued that President Obama “evolved” in his position on whether he had the authority to take executive action on immigration “maybe because of the pressure from journalists” on Wednesday’s “Hannity” on the Fox News Channel.

“I think the president’s position, honestly and that’s my own interpretation, evolved. I think he changed his mind, maybe because of the pressure from journalists or from the Hispanic community, but at the end this is what many people were expecting him to do for many, many years” Ramos said of the president’s executive action on immigration.

Regarding the issue of illegal immigration as a whole, Hannity argued that illegal immigration was an economic detriment to the US Ramos did say “that would be the best way to do it [immigrate to the US] would be legally. There’s no question about it, but I don’t agree with your argument. I think if you have more immigrants in this country, it’s simply better.”

Ramos expressed support for comprehensive immigration reform, which Hannity countered would resolve in amnesty without a more secure border. Ramos responded that the border “more secure than ever before, and that the US can’t deport every illegal, but that it should beef up border security along with a path to citizenship.

Ramos concluded “we have a huge problem, and it’s unfortunate that we’re concentrating on President Barack Obama…because we should concentrate on Republicans, it is really [Speaker] John Boehner (R-OH) and the Republicans who blocked immigration reform.”

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