Gohmert: GOP Leadership Not ‘on Board’ With Defunding Exec Amnesty

Representative Louie Gohmert (R-TX) declared that Republican leaders in Congress “need to get on board” with defunding the president’s executive action on immigration on Monday’s “Hannity” on the Fox News Channel.

“Some of us wanted a contract that would include defunding the amnesty. I think that helped us win the majority in the Senate. Defund the amnesty, defund Obamacare as much as we can in next year’s legislation. And release the energy sector to provide more jobs. It’s ready. There’s ready to be an economic boom if we will stop the overregulation. Let states that have the power do the regulation. Those are things we ought to do immediately upon taking over as a new Congress. but we promised people not amnesty, but defunding the amnesty, and Republican leaders need to get on board” he said.

When asked what he wanted the GOP Congress to pass for legislation he stated “well, one of my favorite things would be to eliminate the massive overregulation that we’re creating. We need to stop the invasion of privacy of people’s lives. We need to defund as much of Obamacare as we can, and pass good things…we ought to be passing, we ought to force him to prevent people from getting freedom to pick their doctors and pick their insurance. There are a lot of those things we can do. And then we ought to defund this president’s efforts to continue to help our enemies and hurt our allies abroad.”

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