Sonnie Johnson: Americans Should Understand the Vices They’ll Lose Under Sharia

Breitbart News Contributor Sonnie Johnson argued that the best way to fight Sharia Law was to tell Americans “their vices that they will have to give up to live under Sharia” on Saturday’s “Red Eye” on the Fox News Channel.

“We don’t need Kerry to go over and sing a song. Here’s the solution, in religion there’s two sides. You have your spirituality and you have your law…leave the spirituality alone and let’s talk about the law. So, instead of talking about radical Islam, let’s talk about Sharia, because that is what governs the law. The individuality of the religion is not the problem, it is the law that makes you go out and behead, and kill, and stone and do all the barbaric things that they do. So, if you don’t want us talking about Islamic terrorism, fine. We should just all of us make a concerted effort to explain Sharia Law to every single American that does not understand that they want to kill you, if killing you is not good enough, then they’re going to take away your alcohol, they’re going to take away your short skirts, they’re going to take away your high heels, they’re going to take away your clubs, they’re going to take away your rap music” she stated.

Johnson added, “don’t try to say ‘OK, the religion is bad’…tell them what it personally is going to cost them, and then you have this generation of self-absorbed people, when you tell them what it is personally going to cost them. If your life is not enough, tell them their vices that they will have to give up to live under Sharia. And then you start to get a different response, because they’re not going to give up their vices, and maybe you can actually get an American population that wants to fight terrorism.”

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