Brat: Exec Amnesty Means ‘The Nature Of Our Government Is In Question’

Representative Dave Brat (R-VA) said that the funding battle over the president’s executive action on immigration meant “the nature of our government is in question” on Tuesday’s “Laura Ingraham Show.”

“This [the immigration executive action] is about a Constitutional stand…if we don’t make a stand here, where will it end? And so the nature of our government is in question, and so that’s why we’re doing what we’re doing, and Boehner has said he’s going to fight it tooth and nail and so we’re going to hold him to that” he stated.

Brat added that he was in the meeting where Speaker Boehner reportedly called out Senators Sessions and Cruz on immigration, and that he believed “the headline, I think, is wrong, I hope our guys in the Senate are fighting…if he’s challenging Cruz and Sessions, I know where they’re going to come out so I like the bet.”

Later, he stated “I hope people at home, people that are listening, are lighting up the phones to their Senators…that’s what works up here.”

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