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Tantaros: WH Anti-Extremism Summit ‘Legitimizing’ Extremist Groups


Fox News Channel host Andrea Tantaros declared that the White House was “legitimizing groups that do not have best practices in mind, at least for stopping terrorism” in reaction to a report that Muslim Brotherhood front groups were invited to the White House’s anti-extremism summit on Wednesday’s “Outnumbered.”

“The goal of politicians in Washington is to look like they’re doing something. So, they put together these summits with breakout sessions, I love this corporate speak, it reminds me of my old corporate days, forming positive pathways. best practices. Really And if you go to they’re doing some really good journalism, Harris. They’re asking who are groups that are invited to this summit? And if you look at some of these groups, and I encourage everyone to go to Breitbart because they’re trying to find out right now, the Islamic Society of Boston, the Muslim American Society. Breitbart has a very detailed extensive report on these groups and how they could be potential front groups for the Muslim Brotherhood. Well, this is n’t surprising, Harris. The Muslim Brotherhood, that rose to power after Hosni Mubarak stepped aside, is the original key group that fosters terrorism, and the president has had them, not just to the White House multiple times, but had them front row during his Cairo speech. This is–if it’s doing anything at all, it’s legitimizing groups that do not have best practices in mind, at least for stopping terrorism” she stated.

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