Andrea Tantaros

Dear Pat Buchanan: You're Not Helping With Your Anti-Latino Vitriol

Dear Pat,  I like you, I really do. You were a ground-breaking pundit on “The MacLaughlin Group” and “The Capitol Gang” THIRTY YEARS AGO.  But, something happened after your bitter, fruitless and destructive presidential runs in 1992 and 1996. You

Dear Pat Buchanan: You're Not Helping With Your Anti-Latino Vitriol

Andrea Tantaros: America's Newest Talk Radio Host

Andrea Tantaros, co-host of Fox News Channel’s top-rated show The Five, is pleased to announce the debut of her own radio show, The Andrea Tantaros Show, to be syndicated by Talk Radio Network (TRN). The program will premier on Wednesday,

Andrea Tantaros: America's Newest Talk Radio Host

About Those Disenfranchised, Wealthy, Organic Chef Looters

So as the looting unfolded in England, many talking heads and politicians linked the violence to budget cuts. They painted a grim picture of a forgotten generation left without hopes or dreams. Yeah… About that. It should be no surprise

From Global Warming Alarmist to Skeptic

So David Evans is a scientist who worked for the Australian Greenhouse Office, as one of the country’s leading climate change experts. But once a global warming alarmist, he’s now a skeptic. He now believes that “The debate about global

Daily Gut: Fall of Wall All About Obama

So President Obama says he’d like to visit Hiroshima and Nagasaki – something no sitting U.S. president has ever done. Of course, there’s a reason they haven’t: it could be seen as criticism of a painful decision that ended the

Daily Gut: Our 600th Show

So tonight`s show is Red Eye`s 600th. And that’s kind of amazing. I`ve never done 600 of anything – and that includes reverse tricep curls (which I invented, by the by). But from the day we began, on February 5th,

Daily Gut: The Uncommon Bravery of Guliana Rancic

So, it’s official: Barack Obama is a bigot. In a brave stance not seen since the beginning of time, a number of celebrities, journalists and bloggers have called President Obama out on his ignorant, narrow-minded views toward gay marriage. First,