Andrea Tantaros

From Global Warming Alarmist to Skeptic

So David Evans is a scientist who worked for the Australian Greenhouse Office, as one of the country’s leading climate change experts. But once a global warming alarmist, he’s now a skeptic. He now believes that “The debate about global

Daily Gut: Fall of Wall All About Obama

So President Obama says he’d like to visit Hiroshima and Nagasaki – something no sitting U.S. president has ever done. Of course, there’s a reason they haven’t: it could be seen as criticism of a painful decision that ended the

Daily Gut: Our 600th Show

So tonight`s show is Red Eye`s 600th. And that’s kind of amazing. I`ve never done 600 of anything – and that includes reverse tricep curls (which I invented, by the by). But from the day we began, on February 5th,

Daily Gut: The Uncommon Bravery of Guliana Rancic

So, it’s official: Barack Obama is a bigot. In a brave stance not seen since the beginning of time, a number of celebrities, journalists and bloggers have called President Obama out on his ignorant, narrow-minded views toward gay marriage. First,