Peter King on ISIS: Even Nazis Didn’t Advertise Their Atrocities

Monday on CNN’s “The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer,” while discussing the burial propaganda videos being released by ISIS, Rep. Peter King (R-NY)  said we are dealing with a “whole different breed of enemy,” who is worse than Hitler and the Nazis because instead of hiding their atrocities, ISIS brags about them.

King said, “We keep saying that when they show people being burned to death or beheaded, it’s going to turn off people in the region, but it must be working for them. Again, the type of person that they are trying to recruit, the type of person they are trying to attract, they must feel there’s enough of them out there and I  guess it’s working for them because everything you read is how their numbers are increasing and people are rallying to them, which is a very very troubling sign.”

“Even under Hitler, the Nazis didn’t disclose what they were doing to the Jews in the concentration camps. They tried to keep it a secret. Even after the war, they were trying to destroy, near the end of the war, destroy records of what they have done. In this case, you have ISIS actually bragging about it, showing the world how horrible and brutal and inhumane they are. This is a whole different breed of enemy, whole different type, and apparently it must be working for them, at least from their weird, warped perspective,” he added.

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