Reid on DHS Funding: GOP Acting Like Eighth Graders, Playing Petty Games


Thursday at a press conference addressing the battle over funding the Department of Homeland Security, Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV)  said the Republicans are acting like they are in a, “eighth grade civics class,” playing “petty games.”

Reid said, “This is like a world of crazy people … Now I want to make sure everyone understands where we are here in the senate. We’re going to have a vote on making sure that Homeland Security is not shut down. We’re ready to vote on that right now. It’s been held up by the Republicans, but I’m sure that will clear because they can only hold it up for a short period of time. We’ve had all kinds of rumors that the House is going to take our fully funded bill and send it back with a number of riders on it. It is a waste of time. We will not allow a conference to take place. It won’t happen, and we’re willing to go, to  finish fully funding homeland security, if the republicans want to go to immigration, any part thereof, we’ll go to them. They won’t need a motion to proceed, we’ll just do it. That’s where we are today.”

Reid concluded, “I don’t know if it’s crazy people. It feels like eighth grade civics glass. What is going on the House? We have the two leaders who haven’t talked to each other in two weeks. This is not a very good situation and we’re not going to be part of their petty games.”

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