Jeb Bush Battles Booing CPAC Crowd on Immigration

Thursday at the 2015 Conservative Political Action Conference, former Gov. Jeb Bush (R-FL) got cheers and jeers as he answered questions from Fox News Channel host Sean Hannity.

Acknowledging the crowd’s anger Bush said the estimated 11 million illegal immigrants already living and working in the United States need to go to “the back of the line,” and he supports a “path to legal status, where they work, were they don’t receive government benefits, where they don’t break the law, and where they make a contribution to our society.”

Bush explained, “We have to be young and dynamic and inspirational again,” thus he said he believes conservatives should support the need for America to grow it’s economy and  welcome immigrates so we are not dividing “crumbs from the pie.”

On President Barack Obama’s executive order amnesty Bush said, “The simple fact is the president has gone way beyond his constitutional authority here and the congress has every right to reinstate their responsibility for what law is about.”

Trying to end on a light note the former governor joked to the booing CPAC activists, “I’m marking you down as neutral.”

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