Gov Jindal: Nuclear Iran Could Be Obama’s Most ‘Dangerous Legacy’

Friday on Newsmax TV’s “Midpoint,” Gov. Bobby Jindal (R-LA) said he was deeply concerned about President Barack Obama’s ongoing nuclear negotiations with Iran saying, “I worry he wants a bad deal greater than no deal.”

Jindal said, “This president has messed many thing up in our country” but, “What I worry about, is that, this president, his hesitancy in going all the way in defeating ISIS may be linked,  I cant prove that,  I suspect it, from his actions, his rhetoric, may be linked to his overarching desire to get a deal with Iran.”

Jindal added, “When you look at the treat of a nuclear armed Iran, it could be one of his most dangerous legacies if we don’t, right now try to force him to go back to a better and a more traditional American position when it comes to  foreign policy.”

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