Levin: Obama Believes Israel Is ‘Illegitimate’

Talk radio host and author of “The Liberty Amendments,” Mark Levin argued that President Obama believes “Israel as presently formed, as presently exists, is illegitimate” on Thursday.

“This leak means that Obama has decided that Israel has to go, that Israel as presently formed, as presently exists, is illegitimate. That’s why his Chief of Staff spoke to a leftist, Israel-hating group filled with Jews and went on about how Israel has been occupying land for fifty years…not 1967 borders Obama said, pre-1967 borders, which means Israel cannot survive. Under this two-state solution where you have Hamas, where you have Hezbollah, where you have these terrorist organizations funded by the Iranians, and ISIS sitting there, waiting for its opportunity to jump you can’t have a two-state situation under these circumstances, if ever in my view, but certainly not in these circumstances look what the Gaza Strip turned into, a missile-launching site” Levin stated.

Levin concluded that Obama was “arming up the enemy, and participating in destroying the ally.”

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