Beck: Freedom of Conscience ‘The Last Line of Defense’

Talk radio host Glenn Beck defended Indiana’s RFRA law by arguing that freedom of conscience is “the last line of defense” on Tuesday.

Beck began by stating the First Amendment means “you cannot force me to do things against my conscience. I have a right to conscience.”

He continued, “this is so important and so clear to all Americans, it’s clear to all Americans…any religion is welcome here, yes we were founded on these [Judeo-Christian] principles, but if you’re Jewish, if you’re Muslim, which, they weren’t here at the time, if you are any other religion, if you’re an atheist, if you are Thomas Paine, you are welcome here. There are no laws to stop you from practicing your religion, that’s number 1 to us.”

Beck then said “we no longer can speak our mind, if you speak your mind, and you happen to be against whatever is…politically correct, so the politician is telling you what is correct and what is not. It is correct because it will fall into line with the current politics of the day. It is politically correct. How obscene has our country become? You can’t speak out against anything. And the last line of defense is your conscience. Don’t tell me there is no slippery slope.”

Beck continued that he didn’t have a problem living alongside with anyone, and “you want to get married? Get married. It’s not hurting me. Get married. However, do not tell me how I have to live my life. It’s a two-way street. If I respect you, and say ‘whatever you want to do that’s fine. The government has no place in marriage. You want to find a church that marries you? You want to find somebody that will marry you? Fine.’ Don’t tell me what I have to do. Because this is my faith.”

He concluded that officials in Indiana who have defended the law have not made a similar case because “they’re fighting a foolish battle. They are fighting to stop gay marriage. That is a foolish and stupid battle. You’ve lost that. 20 years ago, you lost that.” And that the winning and right battle is “you can get married…now, in exchange for that, you must respect diversity as well.”

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