Tammy Bruce: Attacking Businesses the ‘Antitheses’ of the Gay Rights Movement

Author, columnist, talk show host, and Fox News Contributor Tammy Bruce said that the invective hurled at businesses refusing to provide services to same-sex marriages “is the antithesis of what the gay rights movement was about” and that the gay rights movement is “becoming the monster that we were fighting against” on Thursday’s “Hannity” on the Fox News Channel.

“For all of us, we have embraced the civil rights movements of this country, which were about allowing people to live the lives that best suit them. For gay people, it was about living our lives decently without being attacked by others because we were different, or because we refuse to conform, and here we are now in the 21st century with Christians being attacked by gay bullies because they’re different, and they don’t conform to the leftist narrative or to the leftist agenda. This is the antithesis of what the gay rights movement was about, what every civil rights movement was about, and it’s not what we’ve been fighting for for generations” she stated.

Bruce also said the attacks on Memories Pizza in response to “a hypothetical” is “almost as though you’ve got packs of wolves now targeting small, Christian-owned businesses saying ‘are you going to negate your faith?’ Are you going to abandon what you believe in? Or we will hurt you,’ effectively. ‘Will you conform to our narrative?'”

She concluded, “of all people in the world who should understand the need to be respected for who we are, the risks at being different, the ability to make a living, and to be safe, it’s the gay community. For us to put on, to these small business owners, this kind of totalitarian boot, is clearly us becoming the monster that we were fighting against.”

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