Dem Sen: ‘No Way Congress Is Not Going to Weigh In’ on Iran Deal

Monday on CNN’s “New Day,” Sen. Tim Kaine (D-VA) said, “There’s no way Congress will not weigh in,” referring to President Barack Obama’s nuclear program deal with Iran.

Kaine said, “Look, Iran is not a friend. Iran right now is a deep enemy. So the question isn’t are they a friend or an enemy. It’s whether you want to have an adversary with a nuclear weapon or without a nuclear weapon. The diplomatic effort underway has been to make sure this adversary does not have a nuclear weapon.”

He added, “While I strongly believe that Congress needs to say grace over an ultimate deal that touches on congressional sanctions, I do see many elements of the framework announced Thursday that are quite positive. Now, they have to be reduced to a deal that can be verified by the end of June. But the administration’s diplomatic effort here has, I think, produced some positives thus far and we need to just continue to monitor that.”

“There’s no way Congress will not weigh in. The only question will there be carefully drawn-up rules about how we engage or will the engagement be a free-for-all?” he concluded.

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