Levin: We Are Witnessing ‘Complete Evisceration of American Citizenship’

Talk radio host and author of “The Liberty Amendments,” Mark Levin declared that “the complete evisceration of American citizenship” is underway on Thursday.

“There’s something else that’s going on that I want to bring to your attention…and that is the complete evisceration of American citizenship, more than illegal immigration. It’s the complete evisceration of American citizenship to destroy the identity of America” Levin stated.

Levin continued, “it’s being done by left-wing states, it’s being done by left-wing municipalities, it’s being done by this left-wing federal government. And this is a war on you, the American citizen.”

He added, “we even have some Republican candidates who are very soft on this issue and keep talking about, ‘well we need to increase visas for high-tech jobs’ when 25% of those who graduate from college with massive student debt, subsidizing Marxist professors, and the administrators who’ve gone nuts with their facility-buildings, they can’t find jobs [or are underemployed], many of them want jobs, young people, they can’t find them, because you have billionaires importing cheap labor from overseas.”

Levin concluded that Democrats “seek to change the people, the electorate, in order to seize power for as long as they can hold it.”

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