Ingraham: Is There Any Difference Between Rubio and Graham?

Talk radio host Laura Ingraham wondered if there was any major policy differences between Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) and Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) on Monday.

“Rubio is now the darling of the Republican Party. And, look, I’m just going to tell you where I see things. And, I like all these people personally a lot… I like Marco. But, you know, a friend of mine emails me last night at like four in the morning. I don’t know why she was up. She’s emailing me, she said, ‘Tell me again how Marco Rubio is different from Lindsey Graham on any issue? How is he different from Lindsey Graham?’ And I said, thinking to myself, ‘I don’t know.’ And then the big chyron “Rubio Leaping Into Third Place in the GOP.” […] He gave this interview to this Jorge Ramos– why are they all running to Jorge Ramos at Univision? […] Well, they go there because they think they can make inroads into the Hispanic vote. But, I’m gonna go through this interview that he did with Jorge Ramos and the transcript of it, which caused some controversy over the weekend. Breitbart finally settled the matter. But I’m trying to, I still can’t figure out what his position is on this executive amnesty” she stated.

Ingraham later added, “let’s look on the bright side, Marco Rubio is not physically linked arm-and-arm with Chuck Schumer on immigration amnesty issue. The Democrats had him– and had him on complete agreement on a immediate legalization and path to citizenship with promise of enforcement in that ridiculous bill two years ago we helped torpedo two years ago… Why does he no longer advocate that? Because all of you made your voices heard… [But] here is the truth, the federal government has no creditability on the promise to enforce the border, and they must establish that creditability over a number of years. It cannot be a 1,2,3,4,5 step. It’s got to be a first step (meaning over many years) show us that you’re enforcing the border.. Then let’s ‘modernize’ the immigration system– what does that mean? The specific question has to go to foreign workers; how many foreign workers would you allow into the U.S.?

She concluded, “so this is what you have to ask Marco Rubio– when will these H1-B visas stop, when do we route out the fraud and abuse by employers through of these H1-B visas? […] Marco said it’s also important NOT to end the DREAMer amnesty DACA, since it would be disruptive, given all the people that have it– it’s disruptive to them. I am not really worried about being disruptive that are not legally present in the U.S. We need to worry about what’s being disruptive to the American worker, so the advice I would give Marco Rubio… is to focus all of your attention on the [legal immigrants] and American citizens native-born that cannot find jobs and find themselves working two or three part time jobs stitched together because of the influx of foreign workers– that’s disruptive.” And “do you want to know where all of these candidates stand two issues: (1) number of foreign workers you want to bring in under these H-1B visa and expanded visa (or as Marco Rubio calls “immigration modernization”) and (2) their views on bringing in so many people from middle eastern countries […] is this the right thing now in the country when we have such a difficult time with assimilation issues.”

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