Watch: Geraldo Gets In Shouting Match During Baltimore Live Shot

The Fox News Channel’s Geraldo Rivera got into a shouting match while attempting to do a live shot from Baltimore on Tuesday night.

Geraldo became upset when a person in the crowd jumped in front of the camera, ordering the man to get out of the way, and telling him, “you’re making a fool of yourself.” Another person in the crowd accused the network of “making money off exploiting black people.”

He eventually was able to start his interview with State Senate Majority Leader Catherine Pugh (D), who said that she wanted the media to move back, and people to go home.  She added that the media was “inciting people.”

Pugh stated that on that day people had been “demonstrating very peacefully, and they’re demonstrating because they care about their neighborhoods, and they care about their communities. And what they’ve been saying all day long is that we need economic development in our communities. We need economic opportunity. This community is not monolithic. Crime is not the only issue. But, we need police to respect our neighborhoods, and when you know that this not just happening in Baltimore, this has happened all across the country. Black lives matter and black men have died as a result of being in custody with police.” Although, Pugh did condemn the rioting and said she had asked parents to take their children off the streets.

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