Pam Geller: This Is War and the Enemy Among US

Sunday at a Muhammad Art Exhibit In Garland, TX after two gunmen drove up, opened fire, wounded a security guard and were killed, organizer Pamela Geller was defiant saying, we are at “war,” and the enemy is among us.

Geller said, “The idea we are going to bridge our freedom, our most basic inalienable right, in order to not offend savages is egregious. It is outrageous. This is a war and the war is here.”

She continued everyone involved in the event understands, “There’s an enemy among us. They need to crush our freedoms, our emotions. basic freedoms. They handled this situation brilliantly.”

She added, “Roughly 300 attendees, they were taken down to a safe area because a backpack left in the room.” she added, “these people needed to be taken to another area. They were singing the star-spangled banner. They were singing “God Bless America.” They understand the fight. We need to stnad up for freedom of speech. The idea that a cartoon, a funny cartoon — by the way, we had held the contest—the Muhammad contest.It was won by a former Muslim, that that cartoon would compel devout followers to slaughter is — it’s outrageous. It is unspeakable. It is monstrous.”

Geller concluded, “We hear many voices in the mainstream media say the controversial conference. Listen, a free speech conference is not controversial. Shooting people is controversial. There is a moral inversion. There’s a problem here. The American people need to stand up for the basic founding principle. The principle — it’s offensive speech, it’s the first amendment. it’s not the 8th or 10th, it’s the first amendment. Who will decide who is good or what is forbidden? the Islamic State? Muslim groups?”

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