Morell: Benghazi Talking Points Crossed Line ‘Between National Security and Politics’

Former CIA Director Mike Morell said that one of the lines in the Benghazi talking points about blaming a YouTube video “is crossing the line between national security and politics” in an interview broadcast on Monday’s “Special Report” on the Fox News Channel.

When asked about the Benghazi talking points, Morrell stated, “I think the line in there that says one of our objectives here right on the Sunday show is to blame the video rather than a failure of policy. And as you know, I say in the book that I think that that is crossing the line between national security and politics.”

Morrell was then asked about the White House’s claim that this line was not specifically referring to Benghazi, he responded, “I don’t believe that. I believe it was about Benghazi. Because the second tick in those talking points, was something to the order of, we need to — we need to bring to justice those people who have harmed Americans. And the only place that happened was Benghazi.”

He also argued that Benghazi has been the most politicized “national security issue” he’s seen.

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