Kirsten Powers: ‘It’s Not the Role of the Government’ to Delegitimize Fox News

In the latest episode of the American Enterprise Institute’s “Banter” podcast, Fox News regular Kirsten Powers, author of the new book, “The Silencing: How the Left is Killing Free Speech,” took aim at the Obama White House for the efforts it had made early in President Barack Obama’s presidency to delegitimize Fox News.

Powers explained this was just one instance of the regular occurring theme of some of the left side of the ideological spectrum trying to limit free speech.

“It’s been gradual,” she said. “It started out with the administration’s, what I call the war on Fox News, when they said Fox News is not a legitimate organization and started this really concerted campaign to delegitimize a news organization. That was the first time where I went, ‘Hmm, this doesn’t seem right.” You know, something is a little off here. This isn’t really the role of the government. It isn’t really something the White House should be lending its stature to and the fact that they were unable – as you remember I voted for Obama and he was very popular when he first came in. And the media was completely enthralled by him. So the idea you couldn’t have one media outlet that wasn’t on board with to me was chilling. It was like, ‘Wow, you need everybody worshipping you.’ So that was concerning.”

Powers said at the time she saw it as an isolated incident, but then as the years went by, there were more incidents that caught her attention.

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