Maher: Those Shining the Light on the Oppression in Islam Are the Real Liberals

On Friday’s “Real Time” on HBO, host Bill Maher interviewed Ayaan Hirsi Ali about liberals and why they insist upon defending Islam, particularly when some Islamic nations are overwhelmingly in favor of the oppression of women.

“We know Sharia law is popular in many more countries than you even named. When i have liberals on this show one of the big arguments is well, you’re painting with a broad brush,” Maher said. “Of course Saudi Arabia is backwards but what about Indonesia and Turkey and Jordan? Well, I looked up Turkey and Indonesia and Jordan and here are some of the statistics here. Sharia law, 72 percent of Indonesians favor it. Jordan –71 percent. Stoning of adulterers in Indonesia – 48 percent popular, Jordan — 67 percent. Death for leaving Islam. Jordan, 82 percent. These are their bastions of freedom and democracy. How do we get liberals and some of them are people I really used to respect — how do we get them to understand that we’re the liberals in this debate? The people that are facing, shining a light on oppression and demanding that it will end – how can that not be the liberal cause? What do you say to liberals?”

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