Limbaugh: Rachel Dolezal Not to Be ‘Honored,’ ‘Rewarded’ — Needs ‘Sympathy,’ ‘Assistance’

On his Wednesday radio show, conservative talker Rush Limbaugh observed the latest controversy surrounding Rachel Dolezal and her claim that she is black is evidence that things are “backwards” and the culture is “insane.”

Limbaugh referenced a University of Pennsylvania professor Ali Michael piece for the Huffington Post headlined “I Sometimes Don’t Want to Be White Either,” which he suggested honored Dolezal’s irrational behavior, which he said is more worthy of sympathy.

“Everything’s backwards,” he said.  “Everything’s 180 degrees out of phase. Everything’s upside down. And we are supposed to be swept into it now and join everybody in what I will good-naturedly refer to as their insanity.  ‘I sometimes don’t want to be white, either.’  Where does this come from?  This is irrational!  It can make no sensible … Well, there is no sensible explanation.

“Well, that’s not true,” he conitnued. “There is a sensible explanation, but no rationality to this.  This is utter irrationality.  Rachel Dolezal is not to be honored.  She is not to be rewarded, awarded.  She is one of the most visible human beings worthy of sympathy and assistance that’s come along all week.  Yet she’s being lionized, by many.  Not everybody.  I mean, some people are dealing with this in a truthful and sensible way.  But to the American left, why, she’s more black than Clarence Thomas.”

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