Sister Simone Campbell on Pope’s Encyclical: Value of Human Life Will ‘Make the Left Nervous’

Director of NETWORK Sister Simone Campbell, spoke on Saturday’s “Up w/ Steve Kornacki” on MSNBC, commented on Pope Francis’s encyclical, where he proclaimed that humans are causing warmer temperatures.

Campbell stated that with the Pope’s encyclical calling for cherishing human life, meaning the Catholic church opposes abortion, which will cause the left to be nervous.

“We know the Pope has this interrelated view of creation, so he says that we’ve got to value human life, but human life seen in the context of the environment. We’re not to dominate the earth, we’re to collaborate with the earth, to work in an ecosystem which also supports the Catholic church’s position on abortion because the value of how many an life is so sacred, so important. So that’s gonna make the left nervous while the right gets nervous at this fact that we owe each other a duty of care for our planet and that we are equally responsible.”

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