Watch: CNN Attempts to Visit Confederate Memorabilia Store, Gets Flipped Off

An employee at a Confederate memorabilia store in Summerville, South Carolina became very angry when CNN’s cameras tried to film the store in a segment on the Confederate flag broadcast on Tuesday’s “Erin Burnett OutFront.”

The man, who did not identify himself said, “Are we on your [bleep]ing agenda today? Get the [bleep] out of Summerville.” And “You’re stirring [bleep] up. People come together in peace, why don’t you [bleep]ing worry about that?” Along with, “This isn’t [bleep]ing peaceful,” and “You guys are here stirring [bleep] up.”

According to CNN’s National Correspondent Ed Lavandera, the employee was trying to make sure CNN didn’t get footage of a sign advertising three shirts for $25.

The employee also followed the camera crew and attempted to block their shots in other places. He also flipped the camera off twice while swearing at them further and declaring, “You’re all part of the problem.”

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