Levin: If Kennedy Had Been Honest About His Views, He Wouldn’t Have Been Nominated

Talk radio host, former Chief of Staff to Edwin Meese, and author of “Plunder and Deceit,” Mark Levin argued that “had Kennedy been honest in his interviews…he never would have been nominated” on Friday.

After playing clips of President Obama and Hillary Clinton expressing their opposition to same-sex marriage in the past, he argued that “for the Democrats, this was never a moral. This has always been a politically expedient issue. They’re not for civil rights…they’re for power.”

He added, “The court has made a mockery of itself, for the last several weeks, especially the last two days. These justices are not exactly the brightest justices in American history. There are some great justices, three only. Only three, Scalia, Thomas, and Alito. The others are truly hacks. We have an American politburo, that’s what this is, it’s an American politburo. It’s unaffected by elections.” Levin also accused the other justices of putting “deciding rejigger society” over the Constitution.

Levin continued, “Justice Kennedy has written yet another decision on gay marriage. This is really his third decision on the issue, his third decision, and all three are childish, are absurd, are superficial. He thinks he’s writing to future generations. He thinks he’s writing to the gay community. He thinks he’s writing to the New York Times editorial and the Washington Post editorial page.”

He later added, “Kennedy is gone. Kennedy is Harry Blackmun. And I can assure you had Kennedy been honest in his interviews with President Ronald Reagan, and Attorney General Ed Meese, and a phalanx of originalist conservatives in the Reagan administration, when he was interviewed for this post, if he had told them the truth about his attitudes and his philosophy, he never would have been nominated.”

Levin further argued that the definition should be left up to the states, and that it is an “absurdity” to think the 14th Amendment, which was ratified after the Civil War applied to same-sex marriage.

He concluded by calling for a Convention of the States and criticizing calls to “get the government out of the bedroom” from people who favor expanding government in other arenas. And declaring, “It is outrageous that five American citizens, who happen to go to Ivy League law schools, who do happen to win the lottery, who are nominated to go on the Supreme Court, who are confirmed to go on the Supreme Court are smarter and wiser than the entirety of the nation.”

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